Well, I have been using WordPress 2.8.6 since I started blogging … and WP 3 got released some where during June 2010…since then it was telling me to upgrade to 3.0.1 but I was feeling lazy to do so because at first I thought its kind of ultra complicated process (and it is because I have not given access to WP to write, so no automatic upgrade) …

So yesterday night I was in mood to do something and I just thought that why not try to upgrade. So did some googling about the whole process and end up with WP help guide which gives step by step detail instructions to whole upgrade process …


basic steps are as follows,

1. Backup both DB and Files using ftp client or web client.

2. Disable all plugins (recommended, as older/incompatible plugins may cause lots of troubles after upgrade)

3. Delete old files as instructed by WP.

4 Upload new files.

5 Re activate plugins

6 And do a test run and make sure that everything is working just fine …

of course, its just an overview of whole upgrade process. Actually WP does have really detailed step by step guide for this process.

And with that all done, finally we have upgraded WB blog 3.0.1 …

its Just a thought … Fingers crossed

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