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How to Add Plugins to WordPress Blog

WordPress itself has load of cool plugin collection. Users like us can also upload our plugin for others to use. Plugin really makes sometimes our life easy ( by adding more interactivity and attractiveness ?? i’ve doubt about last one :-p ).

But here is the way, how i do to add plugin to this self hosted blog.

  • First download any plugin you wish to use.
  • then extract that zip file and upload whole folder using your fav. ftp client (mine is Filizilla) to wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Go to “Plugins” in your administration panel and make your uploaded plugin active. (Note: if your plugin is not listed there, then you must have screwed up something in uploading :-P, in past i had to upload more then one time to make it appear there.)
  • And then go to “settings panel" of your blog and make changes to plugin that you want.

That’s It. That is how I have placed this sexy animated tag cloud in here.

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