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No Google Store update for my Nexus 7

Apparently there is update for Google store. And now it has very sleek ‘n sexy UI. I have got this update few days back in my Galaxy Nexus … but it looks like that for some odd reasons my Nexus 7 haven’t received this update till now Sad smile !! Actually there are APKs available for download for store but I am bit of hesitant of install anything from not known resource. I guess I will wait (while someone replies to my question at XDA) and see what happens …

Galaxy Nexus Nexus 7

Or may be I will finally decide to install Cyanogenmod on my Nexus 7 just like my Galaxy Nexus Thumbs up

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First thing I would like to write is a question .... Why the hack people write their bio in 3rd person ?

I am Gaurang. I work as DBA / DEV for local company in CT. When I am not working, I am either reading other blogs n news OR "researching" / "experimenting" about things that I can do at home / at work OR tinkering with some new hardware/software OR playing games on my desktop.

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