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So it has been ages since MSFT has ceased support for once great operating system Windows XP. But some lucky few still have no choice to use it because of some legacy app they just can’t get rid of Or people like me who are still using Windows 7 and use XP in …err… XP Mode. In my case, I use it purely for support purpose. Being software engineering sometimes we get to work in level 2 – 3 support requests and I really hate to install 3rd party vpn or remoting applications in my workstation. In this situation, this XP Mode is life saver 😀 …

Recently I had to connect to some customer over vpn and one of the requirement for that network is that client needs to have antivirus installed in it. This being my VM for support, I never thought that I would want to install AV in it. So I was Googleing for AV software that can be installed on XP and natually I thought that I would want to use MSFT Security Essentials because it’s very light weight (how good it is at protecting things is totally different story). But to my surprise, I found that XP is not supported by MSFT, instead it suggested that I upgrade to newer OS !!


So I thought that everyone in general hate Windows XP and I won’t be able to find any AV for it. But to my surprise, I found that one my favorite AV, Avast still supports XP and it gladly got installed in it.

avast xp

I just can’t understand that how come MSFT can’t support it’s own application but some 3rd party developer still supports age old OS just fine. Well in my case, I am just happy that atleast someone still supports this nearly 15 year old OS 😀 …

That’s it for now …

It’s Just A Thought …



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