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Hey friends !!

I am Gaurang. People who know me personally may be surprised by seeing me here b’coz I am of quite introvert nature. But I was in love of computers and internet from ages (by year wise it was ’98) , and everybody is blogging I gave “Just a thought” to blog and also, I wanted to learn how to self host the blog 😀 . So, here I am.

Anyways this is my story …. A guy confused from the beginning of this world , what to do and what not to. Came all the way from India to USA to pursue MS Electrical Eng. with hope of bright future !!!  So now I’m trying to be in rhythm of life.

Hmm… I am music lover. Sometimes even when i study , i keep my internet radio ON. I like mostly Hip-Hop, RnB, Rock and Hard Rock sometimes. Though I like Mariah Carey lots ( heyyy no questions). I am not linux expert bt i like to “play” with it too ( playing reminds me my past long history of  formats coz of it ). I use Windows Server 2008 , Windows 7 and Vista too. Internet is my life , I find my self suffocating sometimes if i don’t have router near me …. I like to play Games on my lappy too (bt i am not intense gamer) …

And ya .. one more thing … I am not a writer , so please bare my improper organization of words.

By Gaurang

First thing I would like to write is a question .... Why the hack people write their bio in 3rd person ?

I am Gaurang. I work as DBA / DEV for local company in CT. When I am not working, I am either reading other blogs n news OR "researching" / "experimenting" about things that I can do at home / at work OR tinkering with some new hardware/software OR playing games on my desktop.

If you ever wanted to contact me, I can be reached by

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