How To Windows

Amazing world of dependencies !!

It has been while since I posted anything. Mainly not because I was not learning anything new, but it is because I am not getting enough time nowadays (or in other words, I just got a life now :D). But then I realized that time and time, I like to read my old post to fix some really odd issue and if I don’t keep record of troubles I had in past, I might forget them again. So I decided to find time to write often… it’s my new mid year resolution :D… lets see if I stick to this or not.

Recently I was playing with Windows 2016 Server in our test environment as part of testing it’s viability for our application suite. And so if you have ever worked with .NET Framework project you know that sometimes it can be royal pain to work if there is a version difference between Framework you have installed and Framework project is expecting.

Something like that happened with me in this case too. I need to have Framework 4.0 and Win 2016 has 4.6 installed by default. So against my better judgment, I decided to uninstalled .Net Framework 4.6 from system. It did let me uninstall it just fine but when I rebooted system, it failed to start Server Manager because guess what !! It was depending on .NET Framework 4. So I thought OK, I can download installed from Web and install it using that. But nooooo, since it’s part of OS now you can’t run installer and install framework from there. So I had catch 22 case. I can’t install .NET Framework from installer because it’s part of OS (and you have to use server manager) And you can’t start server manager for installation because you need .NET Framework 4 !!



Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro

Finally I gave up and upgraded my Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. I resisted upgrade to 8 and 8.1 mostly because when I tried them in my new laptop I was not impressed at all. Worse, I lost my faith in MSFT. It was mostly because user experience for me was just terrible. I am more in favor of OS with less clutter and less GUI heavy… and Windows 8 was opposite of it.


What I like: After playing with Windows 10 preview, I was genuinely impressed. I liked that MSFT has replaced metro desktop with good ol’ start menu, even if it is not same as old one but to me it is still more functionally useful than metro. More control over update and more option for privacy settings. Most good feature for me was inclusion of Hyper-V server in Professional edition. This relives me from using 3rd part hypervisors (read Virtual Box Smile). And another useful feature for me was PS 5 with WMF 5.



Antivirus for XP

So it has been ages since MSFT has ceased support for once great operating system Windows XP. But some lucky few still have no choice to use it because of some legacy app they just can’t get rid of Or people like me who are still using Windows 7 and use XP in …err… XP Mode. In my case, I use it purely for support purpose. Being software engineering sometimes we get to work in level 2 – 3 support requests and I really hate to install 3rd party vpn or remoting applications in my workstation. In this situation, this XP Mode is life saver 😀 …

Recently I had to connect to some customer over vpn and one of the requirement for that network is that client needs to have antivirus installed in it. This being my VM for support, I never thought that I would want to install AV in it. So I was Googleing for AV software that can be installed on XP and natually I thought that I would want to use MSFT Security Essentials because it’s very light weight (how good it is at protecting things is totally different story). But to my surprise, I found that XP is not supported by MSFT, instead it suggested that I upgrade to newer OS !!