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Creating What I am reading Menu …

I have noticed that many people like to show what they are reading when they get time (or just to make other think like that smile_wink ) … me too thought yesterday to let others know that I am reading as well … its whole different story about actually getting time to read smile_teeth

But first I would like you guys to know following facts …

  • I am not a good web designer (I just know HTML & CSS codes, else most of time I have / had worked with .NET, SQL Server, MySQL, Adobe Products) …
  • I have wrote it in just 15-20 mins …
  • I know its not something extra ordinary, widget is already there for wordpress … I did it because I wanted to do it (have problem with that?).
  • I am hoping to improve it with time

Oki, with that said following is the code that I have used in my WordPress Text/HTML Widget, but I think it will be same for any environment as its purely HTML.

How To IIS Wordpress

Hosting You Website from Home, with IIS and DynDNS


How does this sound ?? Geeky ?? If you are computer user and enthusiastic enough then you can run your website right from your home !!! This is what I’ve been doing from couple of months. And believe me, its not “that” difficult to do. Hell, even you can host your own wordpress blog like me like this too. Microsoft has lately release a tool called, Web Platform Installer a.k.a. WEB PI … As a pre-requisite all you need is IIS and SQL Server Express edition. (Actually WebPI does have SQL Express packaged with it) And if you have read my guide to install and setup IIS on your PC then its way too much easy to setup. All you need is to download that Web PI tool and then from “Web Applications” choose to install WordPress from Blogs. There are many more Web App available to download free. And the best thing is its very easy to install and configure any of these apps, even if you have never heard of them before (after installing using that app. is a whole different story though   😀 ).

Anyways, what I mean is YOU CAN DO IT … 😀 … but once you do, if you want to run your own site, you need to have two things with you a Static IP and a Domain Name … An IP address is like address of your Web Server or loosely say address of your Computer .. and  Domain

How To Windows

Installing IIS 7.5 on Windows 7

iis7-highlight I stumbled upon developers working with ASP.NET frequently as part of my work and sometimes even have to work on it by myself too. My recently purchased laptop came with Windows 7 which supports latest of Internet Information Services or say Servers from old days (IIS) of version 7.5. I’ve used it from v6 (experience on v5.1 wasn’t much pleasing) and this latest iteration, I must say is quite impressing. I should say Microsoft has understood requirement of market … Being The Most popular Web Server at present time APACHE, will surely face some serious fight from this mighty Server in near future … The advantage of using IIS over Apache as I see is, ability to use .NET and direct support for ASP.NET.

Database How To SQL Server

SQL Server 2008 …. Installation How To

Just I had explained in previous post, even just for learning purpose if you want to experience real power of SQL Server, then you should atleast have Standard edition of SQL Server 2008. But if you can get Developer edition then it is better, because developer edition is an enterprise edition which can’t be used for production server and so you will have more closer look of enterprise level DBMS. And it is very cheap to buy.

Anyways, here is the process of installation … its pretty straight forward (just like all other MSFT products .. point n’n click :-D), so I will be showing screenshot of steps which requires careful selection.

How To Wordpress

Setting Up LIVE WRITER for Blogging…

There are many blog writing tools available presently. Some of them are integrated with browsers (say, Scribefire for Firefox or Blog uploading tool in Flock browser) and some are standalone app. like Windows Live Writer (WLW for short), hell even there are some paid blog writing tools are available too ( i wonder who will pay for this sort of tools as we already have free good alternatives ), Rocket Post and Mars Edit are few to name !!!

I am new recruit of this blogosphere, but I know sometimes it makes our life easy if we have blog writing tool at our disposal. We can write, edit or can do anything we want even we are not connected to internet (which is a bit difficult for me , i can’t live without internet.). So, I have been using Windows Live Writer from the day one I created my blog.

So, in today’s how to I will show how to setup Windows  Live Writer to work with Self hosted WordPress Blog.

How To Wordpress

How to Add Plugins to WordPress Blog

WordPress itself has load of cool plugin collection. Users like us can also upload our plugin for others to use. Plugin really makes sometimes our life easy ( by adding more interactivity and attractiveness ?? i’ve doubt about last one :-p ).

But here is the way, how i do to add plugin to this self hosted blog.

How To

How to Selfhost the WordPress Blog !!!


There have be loads of how tos available on this this topic. So, here I am gonna write about specifically how did i had setup my blog.

I found one free webhosting site (000webhost) , which also happens to provide free domain name too ( its good if you don’t have your own domain name ). So, here are the steps.

  • Download wordpress from .
  • Get one domain from the website that I have mentioned before.
  • Now,  log into your account of your domain. In the control panel you will have loads of stuff to play but things we are looking are under Software/Services and Files Sections. ( I have circled them here )