What’s the point ?

Like many people, me too don’t like to install stuff in default C: drive. I think that sine C: drive is a system drive it should exclusively used for system files only. And all other programs should be installed in drive other than C:. But you will be surprised to find that there are many programs that simply won’t work well if you install them in drive other than C.

There are some other kind of programs which even if you select non-system drive .. it gets installed in both C and that other drive !! Mostly because they are bound to some sort of shared components or assemblies which can only be installed in C drive … or may be because who ever created those programs just wanted to have some common ground … I have no idea about actual reason.

Just like that I installed Light Switch few days back, and since I have installed VS 2010 in D drive it default to D drive… but even after that it still installed many of its files into C drive too !! Just look at screenshot of installation below …


Finally I got Beans !!!

With so much of hype, I was eagerly waiting for my chance to try latest Android OS on my phone. I must say it was one of the main reason I bought the Galaxy Nexus from Google … to have pure Google experience and always have support for latest OS release.

Just now I got notification in my mobile and with surprise it was an OS update request from Google.


It looks like that update is about 147MB. And installation took about 2-3 min after reboot and now I am officially using Jelly Bean Thumbs up (I know, in our basement both WIFI and Cell Network sucks)

Babbling Wordpress

Sample data in WordPress … and beginning of new quest

Recently, I got interested in WordPress theme designing. Actually I’ve been using WordPress now over 2 years and I’ve always wanted to create my own theme for my blog. Honestly I don’t have what they call … a designer’s eye Open-mouthed smile … but still I wanted to try. I have been exposed from web designing using plain HTML ‘n CSS to server centric ASP.NET throughout my academic and professional carrier … so I think I will be atleast able to have theme for myself (this doesn’t mean that I am planning to change my carrier from App/DB developer to more cool web designer profession Be right back) … but all of this time, usually I was given a design (or atleast an idea) and then I have worked on this. This time I am having few ideas of my own which I wanted to convert in reality Fingers crossed

Anyways, today I have prepared myself for this quest. I have setup a WP development environment using XAMPP in one of my VM (it really pays off to have 16 Gig of RAM), I’ve gathered up all tools required for PHP editing (though I am completely noob at this point but WP has really extensive documentation so I hope that I will be just fine). I have even setup local instance of WP site which I will use as a guinea pig for my experiments (ok … before anyone gets wrong idea, I am vegetarian by nature and religion … and I totally disagree with any kind of experimentation on animals or humans … there … now I am feeling good already  Open-mouthed smile ).

Babbling Bugs

And I have “4,294,967,295” messages in my inbox !!

I have more then 4 billion messages in my inbox, and without doubt I will be record holder for “the most emailed a person ever” or “person with super giant mail box” or “person who does nothing but keeps getting (and reading) emails” …..and so on …..

Don’t believe me … here is the proof … a snapshot from my mail client


And say if each message is of minimal size, 1 KB then for all of these messages my local mail box will be of approximately 4TB in size !! (think of re-downloading all messages again if my PC dies Disappointed smile ) .. Pretty cool right ??


Strange installation size of MSFT tools

I always prefer to use C drive only for OS and D drive for other installations. And I did the same thing when I installed Visual Studio on my machine. I installed it on D drive and when I  tried to install newly downloaded LightSwitch from DreamSpark, I found that even the install directory is D, it uses loads of space on C drive as well !!

I just don’t understand the point of having thing on C. But I guess it is typical MSFT. Because I found same behavior when I installed SQL Server or Visual Studio in past. Only difference is this time I remembered to take screenshot of installation Open-mouthed smile


Babbling Me

Self Introduction in 3rd person in BLOG ?? Or it is actually written by another person ??

Just like many people, internet is my another playground (after our backyard Open-mouthed smile). I use google for many things, for work related stuff, to search cheap deal of computer hardware or just to find some crazy video. And every time I go to some personal blog or site, it always amazes me that why people like to like about them in 3rd person view ?? I mean come on, if it is my own blog then why the hack I will write about myself in 3rd person view ?? Unless I am just one of many poster of that blog and every author has their own bio written by some professional dude (which will be weird because … you blog because you want to write something not let others write for you, aren’t you ??) … I think it is totally OK to write bio in 3rd person view but when it is done by real 3rd person on his/her blog not yours.

I usually when find any blog, I try to find “About Me”. It is really entertaining to read those self posted 3re person bio. Some classic examples are, “S/He has XX years of experience in field of XYZ. And s/he is expert in XWYX technology.” Hell I have even seen some linkedIn profile like that !!

Anyways, I think me too can add something in 3rd person view,

Babbling Me

Overclocking my Radeon HD 6770

With my new rig I bought an average graphic card as well. I am not hardcore gamer at all but I do sometimes like to shoot some zombies or build my galactic empire Open-mouthed smile … so I bought this cheap but very nice graphic card from ATI Radeon 6770 HD from Sapphire. And I must say that I am really impressed with this little beast. Thought it is not top of the line card, so far it is able to let me play all latest games I throw at it.

After my successful attempt to OC my AMD Processor, my hands were sort of twitching to OC my GPU as well. Just like all ATI cards, mine was also using “ATI Catalyst” software for control and setting up advance graphic options. While just browsing these options I found that it has a rather interesting option, ability to overclock the GPU and it’s RAM !! I googled a little bit about OCing my graphic card model, but I didn’t found any helpful settings which I can use for my graphic card. So, I decided to do my own little trial and error thing.