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Trip to The Smokies …. Day 1 & 1/2 … Holding Faith a Little Longer

And, the trip has officially begun for me. We reached at our motel by 11:30 pm and we have to reach our temple exactly by 12:00 (as it is time when viewings will begin). Unfortunately we didn’t make it, we reached there by 12:30 and viewing was already closed. My mom felt that it is all because we (me and my brother) have not enough faith !!! Now, how I do I explain her that it was only because of traffic Wilted rose … But I guess, we can not change someone’s mind whose thoughts are based on faith not on facts.

Actually, today was really important day for us to visit temple. It was the day where Lord Krishna (who was 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu), and one of the most prayed god among Indians like my family. “Religion” is considered to be a quite sensitive topic to talk now a days. But for me religion has a bit different definition. I think, during early ages of civilization person’s life was so disorganized so some “wise” people created some sort of rules to live by life. But as a human nature, people don’t accept changes without any solid reason to those “wise” people gave them reasons in form of religion Sun … but like I said, its just my theory.

Babbling How To

Eureka moment with Firefox 4 beta 4 !!!

Archimedes would have said same thing today if he was sitting next to me Winking smile … Finally I got Firefox 4 beta working !!!

As I had posted few days earlier, I had been trying to make Firefox 4 beta working and every time I tried to install it, I always ended up with some really weird looking screen then regular one. I tried many different approaches, like clearing temp … cleaning registry … removing old folder … but none worked.  But today, I was in mood to fight till end. So, I uninstalled all plugins from my old Firefox 3.6 and then tried to install Firefox 4 beta … and with a little surprise the final result was something I was not expecting at all !!! I had all normal Firefox 4 screen as it was shown in screenshots at Mozilla Open-mouthed smile



Babbling Windows

Windows 7 GOD MODE

If you have been playing games, you might be aware of “GOD MODE” that we use in Games. Basically it make you “GOD” and you can be killed by anyone , get all weapons and hell sometimes you can even fly in air and walk though the wall !!!smile_wink

No no, this god mode won’t let your windows 7 turn in to windows 7000 … but can say it will put all the administration settings into one page (like, UAC or Security Center or Internet Options are few to name). I read it on  one of my favorite site

Babbling Me

Life without Internet !!!

During these Christmas holidays, I tried something new …  I tried to live without internet !!! Well, you may think what’s a big deal but guys believe me for a person like me who breath internet this is a “BIG” thing.

In 90’s Internet was considered as luxury to have. I still remember using it via highly charged long distance call of telephone line and the speed was killing (dare to say, 8-10 kbps smile_tongue) … but those days were good, you always get time to have tea before finishing up something to download in size of even few Mbs … but today more then necessity technology has become addiction to us (at least in my case).