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Use of SYSPREP to duplicate windows image with new SIDs

From past some time I am trying to create windows domain in home computer with bunch of VMs using Windows Server 2008 R2 for “educational” purposes Open-mouthed smile … my ultimate goal was to setup clustered windows system and have SQL Server in that environment. I want to lean about how SQL Server behaves in clustered systems and what are ups ‘n downs of any clustered system … like OS updates, SQL Server updates, SSIS – SSRS behavior in failover, system crashes etc … I mean you can always lean by reading but I think it gives better idea when you can actually test those theories on some kind of test system Nerd smile

So, by following few blogs, MSDN helps and forums … I was finally able to install and configure everything properly … I had working domain too … but when you try to setup windows cluster, it is recommended by MSFT to validate cluster before setting it up. Which basically runs bunch of tests like check all nodes, their hardware, their compatibility, storage system, network settings etc … and if any test fails then you have to fix that issue before setting up cluster. And if you are not too savvy about these items then it is really painful experience.

So when I tried to run this test .. it failed at one particular point where it validates system configuration. Unfortunately I don’t have screenshot of this error so I can’t show detailed message but it had something to do with system settings. I tried to look for this error and I was not able to find any definitive answer until I found an answer in stackoverflow which mentioned that it could be because of SIDs !

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Powering on a virtual machine after connecting a USB device fails with the error

I’ve used VMWare now and then for my virtual machines. And I think, it is the best virtualization software out there in market (but not anymore, I like Virtual BOX more than VMWare). When I was trying out VMWare Workstation on my new machine, I found that I was not able to use USB sticks on any Virtual machines.

When I checked services, I found that “VMware USB Arbitration Service” was stopped. I tried to start that service manually and got greeted with following message,

Error 31: A device attached to the system is not functioning.

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Side effects of User Account Control (UAC) of Windows 7

When I used it for first time I thought that UAC was really annoying feature of Windows Vista. I mean for each and every app it was required me to confirm, if I wanted to perform some task which required access to core system. It was more like low level mimic of Linux. But after using Vista for about 2 years (yesssssss … I did used Vista that long, poor me Don't tell anyone smile) I was sort of used to of this feature. So when I upgraded to Windows 7 (tell me who didn’t upgraded from Vista to 7, except old XP users ??) I enabled UAC in it as well.

But I think I am going to fed up of this really dumb feature. Well, the feature itself is not bad its just it is not just at par with its counter part of Linux. And biggest annoyance is if you run some application and it failed to run due to UAC, Windows just don’t say it. Instead of this you will get all sort weird errors.