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Hi, I am Gaurang. Professionally I am working on MSFT technologies (.NET (VB,ASP and C#),SQL Server) but personally like to work on different languages and platforms, like CSS, JavaScript, Oracle and MySQL. And my most recent loves are SharePoint and Silverlight. I am lucky enough to have chance for working with SQL Server 2008 beginning with 2000, Oracle 10g. I think Expression Blend has made Silverlight development pretty easy. I have very good experience of T-SQL development and database management but I don’t think I am an expert. I personally believe that its is really more important to know WHAT to do then HOW to do. So, it is reason that even today I search over internet for some code or script or some syntax.  And something I really miss is Dedicated Source Control Product for SQL Server (with SQL Source Control by Red Gate this is no more valid complaint though). As a professional, I think you should try the least to relay on 3rd party products … because, that luxury makes you lazy and dependent, not to mention sometimes you end up paying  more $$$ just for support !!

I like to watch movies (mostly sci-fi, action, crime, thriller) … I am fan of James Bond and Jackie Chan  …

I like to see / follow T.V. serials as well… I mostly like to see crime, action sort of series … my favs. are  CSI (all 3), NCIS (both), Criminal Minds (both) … I also like Fringe, Burn Notice, Flash Point, Lie to Me, Haven (the latest fav.) … and I used to follow SG-1 and Lost as well … and by any means this list is not complete … oh ya … how can I forget 24 ?? :p

I like to listen music as well … my favorite genres are R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop … sometimes for change  I listen Hard Rock too (Metallica, Guns n Roses and Deep purple are few to name)… but my all time favs. are Mariah Carey, Bryan Adams, Savage Garden …. and of’course I love to listen Indian songs as well …

I am secretly in love with Cartoons. Sometimes I like to see Justice League. And I think Batman is the smartest of all Justice League.

And finally about my Blog … I guess I wanted to try something new, And I thought it will be really great idea to do blogging since whole world is doing so. And also, I think this blog is kind of reference for me, where I can write about things I am encountering / have encountered while work. I believe that I am not good with words so sometimes it becomes hard for me to convey an idea but I think this writing will in time improve me.

If you ever wanted to contact me, I can be reached by

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