My Favorite Sites

Well, I think it is almost way too hard for me to live without internet. I can say I breath internet. But I think google has made us little lazy and when google can’t find what we are looking for we begin to feel nervous just by imagination of reinvention of the wheel smile_wink… But I think sometimes it’s really a good idea to do things by your own and by learning hard ways (kinda reminds me old days before invention of google) …

Anyways, following are couple of sites I have in my feed reader and I follow them regularly (but still unread posts are way too high in my feed reader smile_sad) … which by any means not complete …

For SQL Server,

SQL Server BOL

SQL CAT (Customer Advisory Team)

SQL Server Best Practices

SQL Server Central

SQL Blog


Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User

MVP Sites ( Scary DBA, SQL FOOL, SQL Authority, SQL Aloha, Glenn Berry, SQL Rockstar )


For Programming

IIS Official Site

ASP.NET official site

The Code Project


Web Designing

NetTuts, PSDTuts

W3 Schools


Smashing Magazine

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