Favorite Softwares

Everyone has their favorites tools… I have very long list of fav. tools too… important thing is to remember that many of these tools are FREE to use. I mean, we can always spend $$$ but there are number of tools available in market that can provide many functionality we need.

Some tools are for development, some are for management … and some are just for fun ( and for my gray side ) … and by any means this is not a complete list

Notepad++ (free)
Visual Web Developer / Visual Studio 2010 Express (free)

Web Dev. Tools
Expression Studio
Web Matrix (still in Beta) (free)
Light Switch (still in Beta)

SQL Server Express (my advice is to spend few $$ Dev. edition which has all features of Ent. edition) (free)
MySQL (new MySQL Workbench is awesome) (free)

Networking Tools
Wireshark (free)

Other Tools
Live Writer (Blogging) (free)
Evernote (note taking tool) (free)
Feed Demon (RSS Reader)
Peer Block (alternative for Peer Guardian) (free)
Drop Box (online storage) (free)
Filezilla (FTP Client) (free)
Tweetdeck (for tweeter, facebook, linkedIn access) (free)
Truecrypt (awesome encryption tool) (free)
Sandboxie (run application sendboxed) (free)

Browser Addins
Firebug (firefox)(free)
No Script (firefox)(free)
Ghostery (free)
Cool Iris (free)
Web Developer Tools (free)
disconnect (chrome)(free)
dictionary (chrome)(free)

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