Yes, I just refuse to use PowerShell (just yet). I know that powershell can do this and that and god MSFT knows what not but with all these bells and whistles doesn’t come at cheap price. I mean if something works just fine and smooth then why you actually need to use something new.

It is true for good ‘ol DOS (with BATCH file). I still use it for most of my automation tasks. The most good thing about DOS is it doesn’t require me to Google much because I know what I need to do if I am required to do something. But if I am asked to do same thing using Powershell then it is very likely that I will spend more time browsing through forums to find solution. I am not saying that PS is the worst shell ever invented Open-mouthed smile … but I think it is not justified to spend time on it unless it can do something that I can’t do using DOS(read it as WITH BATCH file).

Couple of days ago I was tasked to create some sort of script to automate updating of one of our demo server. A colleague of mine suggested me to use PS to streamline the process but I found that I can do it easily with using DOS commands in batch file. Two of the command that I used were START and TASKKILL,

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