Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro

Finally I gave up and upgraded my Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. I resisted upgrade to 8 and 8.1 mostly because when I tried them in my new laptop I was not impressed at all. Worse, I lost my faith in MSFT. It was mostly because user experience for me was just terrible. I am more in favor of OS with less clutter and less GUI heavy… and Windows 8 was opposite of it.


What I like: After playing with Windows 10 preview, I was genuinely impressed. I liked that MSFT has replaced metro desktop with good ol’ start menu, even if it is not same as old one but to me it is still more functionally useful than metro. More control over update and more option for privacy settings. Most good feature for me was inclusion of Hyper-V server in Professional edition. This relives me from using 3rd part hypervisors (read Virtual Box Smile). And another useful feature for me was PS 5 with WMF 5.


What I hate: It is different story that OS is not as flexible as it was pre Windows 8. Now it seems that we don’t have option to choose which update to install (or even install at all) … and if you are poor soul upgraded to Home edition MSFT will use your system as guinea pig and push updates to you as soon as they are available… not like Pro users where you have option to defer updates (still no escaping from update). Also this new OS seems more intrusive, out of box there are so many things that need to be turned off … including all hyped Cortana … because I personally would not trade privacy in name of better user experience. I mean where did just fine without help from virtual assistant till now, no ?… Other features like EDGE browser, Windows Store, Unified settings (which in turn takes user back to control panel), built in apps were not so useful to me because I still refuse to give up on applications that I have been using.


In any case, now I have upgraded to Windows 10 and I looking forward to have get my hands on WMF 5 / PS5 and my new plaything DSC Open-mouthed smile …

It’s Just A Thought …

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