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64 Bit OS – To be or Not to be ??

I have been user of 64 bit OS since I got my new laptop with Windows Vienna a.k.a. Windows 7… though my lappy had only 4 gigs of Ram which was perfectly okay for 32 bit OS, I somehow felt that lets try 64 bit … smile_wink  and so I ended up with this machine. And I don’t have regret for this, but still sometimes I really feel annoyed ‘coz of some softwares …

I think, by making 64 bit browser MSFT has done really great job (yes… IE 8 is available in x64 version too…) … not even guys @ Mozilla ( beta 4 looks sexy though smile_teeth) which is really cool thing … because I don’t need to use x86 software for my x64 OS … anyways … I don’t feel annoyed because of browser, I am feeling annoyed because of add-on for that browser … More >