And finally it is here !!

Yes, after month of speculations and rumors (and news of fake torrents) finally long awaited Windows 8 is here. Though MSFT has already mentioned somewhere that “Windows 8” is not the final name of OS for now it is known as Windows 8 to all of us. It has been said that it will be finest of windows ever (but I don’t want to hold my breath on it after my experience with Vista Shifty ) but by looking at all snapshots on net and presentation videos I am sure that it will be a bit different.

Since introduction of that tiny square computing machine (ahem …. iPad) the computing trend has sort of shifted towards portable computing devices called Tablets. And this new OS of Windows is said to be designed to specifically for those devices (or devices that supports “Touch”).

I am kind of more interested in laying my hand on Metro UI (famous UI that is being used in newer Windows Phones). I’ve played with it on Windows Phones (I personally like to live free, so I am using Android Winking smile) and I really liked it. The look is really refreshing. And I would like to see how they have implemented navigation of this UI to devices which don’t have touch support (laptops and desktops). And of course built in AV and Hyper-V are also feature that I would like to test.

MSFT today announced Developer Preview for Windows 8 available to download and so just like many others right now I am downloading it from here. It is gigantic 4.8Gb file and honestly my internet sucks, so it will probably take 5-7 hours to download it. But after that it is all mineeeeeeee … muwah muwah muwah hahahaha Devil

I may post some snapshot here but I think web is full of it already !! So I guess I will just enjoy on my Virtual Machine.

It’s Just A ThoughtFingers crossed

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