And I have “4,294,967,295” messages in my inbox !!

I have more then 4 billion messages in my inbox, and without doubt I will be record holder for “the most emailed a person ever” or “person with super giant mail box” or “person who does nothing but keeps getting (and reading) emails” …..and so on …..

Don’t believe me … here is the proof … a snapshot from my mail client


And say if each message is of minimal size, 1 KB then for all of these messages my local mail box will be of approximately 4TB in size !! (think of re-downloading all messages again if my PC dies Disappointed smile ) .. Pretty cool right ??

I was so close to call guys from Guinness book of world records for my this achievement but after some Googling it turn out to be some glitch in my mail client (Thunderbird) … Sad smile … actually “4294967295” is the largest 32bit number but it also means –1 (weird computers and their interpretations Baring teeth smile) and it was mere indication that Thunderbird has downloaded no new mail !!

So that puts end to my highest email recipient title quest.

Gaurang Sign

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