Becoming administrator of my own machine !!

I know, it sounds strange. But it is fact that when we install Windows 7 or Vista (say any non-server post XP OS ?), and even if select ourselves as local administrator we actually don’t become administrator !! And due to that even if you disable that notorious UAC notifications you will still sometimes need to run apps as admin by right click and say “Run as Administrator”.

Enable_Admin_2Now, it is really annoying and I feel helpless that even though MSFT says I own my system, I still not own it ?? When I says I want to be an administrator that means I want to be an administrator, and I don’t have to run any stupid program with elevated privileges by right clicking on it.

Ofcourse being a Linux user I am sort of habituated with these annoyance of Administrator and Power user. And I truly believe that sometimes they are very useful to have specially for users who don’t know much about computers and have administrator rights to screw system up (well, even if they don’t have admin rights they still screw system up, but that is another subject of conversation Open-mouthed smile)

One of my favorite “How To” site, has posted a way to enable real Administrator account in Windows 7 and I am sure it is not recommended for general user, but for power users it is really useful.

All you need to do it to run command prompt as admin, and execute,

net user administrator /active:yes

once you log off and log back again, administrator account should be visible at login screen. To be safe you should also add password to this account. You can always disable this account again as this account could be a potential risk by using another command,

net user administrator /active:no

And that should be it …

It’s Just A Thought … Peace

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