If you are working with SQL Server then you might already have used this great cycle selling company’s database (AdventureWorks) at least once. Microsoft has created this cycle selling company database for SQL Server 2005 and later versions, before this sample we had “NorthWind” database.

Anyways, if you try to install these sample databases you will find that it is not just one single database but rather a collection of different types of databases like OLTP, Data Warehouse and OLAP cube. And honestly, I have learned a lot by working on OLTP and DW samples. But default installation doesn’t install Analysis Database by default. You have to manually deploy it using a solution provided, you just need to follow this instructions provided by MSFT. Ideally it should work just OK if your SQL Server instance is running with Local System account (which is not recommended at all because it gives admin access to your system, but who cares … its bloody local system, right ?? Disappointed smile) … but in my case SQL Server is using Network Service account which gives it limited permission. So when you try to deploy the cube as instructed in MSFT help your deployment might fail with following errors.

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