Finally I got Beans !!!

With so much of hype, I was eagerly waiting for my chance to try latest Android OS on my phone. I must say it was one of the main reason I bought the Galaxy Nexus from Google … to have pure Google experience and always have support for latest OS release.

Just now I got notification in my mobile and with surprise it was an OS update request from Google.


It looks like that update is about 147MB. And installation took about 2-3 min after reboot and now I am officially using Jelly Bean Thumbs up (I know, in our basement both WIFI and Cell Network sucks)

I honestly don’t know how this will improve my experience with Android (which I must say is already BETTER). But with smoother UI, Resizable Widgets, custom notifications and better voice search (considering my Asian accent I am really impressed with its ability to understand my search commands) … I am hoping that it will surely be a pleasant experience to play with this new upgrade Open-mouthed smile

That’s it for now …

I am off to play with my phone …

Gaurang Sign

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