Firefox 4 Beta 3 …. wth ?!?!?


I have been user of Firefox from very long time. I like not only because I feel more “secure” for it , but also because of excellent support of super cool add-ins … These features of customization, make Firefox even better deal (if you can bare with initial high resource requirements and longer startup time Just kidding) …

Well, this quickie is about my experience with latest beta of Firefox 4 … I wanted to try it up this weekend so I installed in my test machine (yes, I have a sandboxed test machine made of Windows 2008 Server Winking smile) … and it worked / looked just fine … even some of my add-ins were supported as well (except some seo add-ins) .. So, I installed in my machine where I work mostly (and it is Windows 7) .. and with surprise, after installation when I fired it up … I got this !!!

Firefox 4 Beta Weird Screen

I have no idea how did this happened … I looked over internet, but it seems that there are very few like me and they don’t have any answer for this weird look … so, right now I have fallen back to Firefox 3.6 … and may be will wait till final version (till then will enjoy, beta on my test machine Open-mouthed smile) …

Some great man had said, if there is something is mind we should speak write it up … Well, that’s it … (Okkk, nobody have said like this)

Remember … It’s Just a Thought … Fingers crossed

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