Hartford SharePoint Saturday …. after shock !!

Well, finally event is over and as I expected … I had got chance to attend few pretty interesting sessions, and some were really boring (not because of presenter but merely because of my lack of understanding of subject Peace) …

They had six tracks of there were few really hard choices for me to select. Sessions where I went were kind of combination of Developer, End User and Administrator combination. Some were basic and few were pretty advance (atleast for me Embarrassed smile) … but over all I really enjoyed. Only thing that I missed was lack of more BI sessions. There was just ONE BI session and it was kind of introductory. But I think the main reason is BI is kind of new feature of SharePoint and still it doesn’t do much magic by itself except putting different BI stuffs together (compared to other masters in the BI arena like SSRS/SSAS, Cognos or Hyperion ) and also it was just first SharePoint event that was held such a large. But I am sure that in next events I will get chance to see more BI stuffs Fingers crossed.

During event I met really great people, who were sort of senior then me in both experience and age. While talking with them, I realize that there is a lot of scope for networking during this sort of events all you need to do is just try to approach people. Which I am not good at but somehow I was able to make few new contacts and learn few useful tips as well.

The location of the event was New Horizon Learning Center where I had been before during Code Camp previous year. They are really great guys and the facility was well equipped too (do I sound like marketing person ?? ). In the end there was raffle and they (event sponsors) gave away loads of prices (I was eyeing for XBOX with Kinect but I guess it was not my lucky day Winking smile).

Overall, I must say that it was really great experience for me (hey, I got book in one of the session from speaker too … for asking him loads of questions Just kidding) … and I am looking forward for future events.

I know that this more sounds like marketing stuffs. But I personally believe that people who really worked hard and sponsored this events should be appreciated, because after all it was them who made it possible, right ???

That’s it for now.

It’s Just A Thought … Fingers crossed

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