One more reason to use Linux

I’ve been user of Linux from past few years. I got interested in Linux perticularly in Ubuntu when I took a class for Linux in my school. Since then, I have Linux as my second OS in my dual boot Laptop. I think that there are so many things that Linux can do effciently but Windows cant do it well. But major drawback of Linux is, if you are transited from Windows environment, you are kind of habituated for point and click tools, that makes your life hard in Linux because many time you are required to run some command or some script or something like that. Also since most of the tools are open source, some tools are not so polished and hard to use. Or sometimes I just cant use Linux because of my work, but I dont have that complain anymore because I can work using MONO 😀 …

Till now, I’ve been using Window Live Writer, which is no doubt really great blogging tool. But if I am working on Linux then I have to reboot into windows just because I wanted to blog on something. But today I am testing this new blogging tool in KDE. It is called "Blogilo". It has almost same feature as WLR, and I am hoping that I will use this tool in future.

That Is it…

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