Sample data in WordPress … and beginning of new quest

Recently, I got interested in WordPress theme designing. Actually I’ve been using WordPress now over 2 years and I’ve always wanted to create my own theme for my blog. Honestly I don’t have what they call … a designer’s eye Open-mouthed smile … but still I wanted to try. I have been exposed from web designing using plain HTML ‘n CSS to server centric ASP.NET throughout my academic and professional carrier … so I think I will be atleast able to have theme for myself (this doesn’t mean that I am planning to change my carrier from App/DB developer to more cool web designer profession Be right back) … but all of this time, usually I was given a design (or atleast an idea) and then I have worked on this. This time I am having few ideas of my own which I wanted to convert in reality Fingers crossed

Anyways, today I have prepared myself for this quest. I have setup a WP development environment using XAMPP in one of my VM (it really pays off to have 16 Gig of RAM), I’ve gathered up all tools required for PHP editing (though I am completely noob at this point but WP has really extensive documentation so I hope that I will be just fine). I have even setup local instance of WP site which I will use as a guinea pig for my experiments (ok … before anyone gets wrong idea, I am vegetarian by nature and religion … and I totally disagree with any kind of experimentation on animals or humans … there … now I am feeling good already  Open-mouthed smile ).

But once test WP site is ready, there is nothing much to look around !! Because just like any application under development, it needs sample data. And default installation doesn’t contain any kind of test data (which is good) so you have to generate data by yourself !! Or just use sample data provided at WordPress.Org site. All you need to do is to import it into site by logging into it and then using Tools –> Import –> WordPress , if this is first time import then you will be asked to install “WordPress Importer” plugin. Once that is done, you will see that now you have sample data of all kind which will be useful for testing themes.

That’s it !!

Wish me Luck now I don't know smile

It’s Just A Thought …


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