Self Introduction in 3rd person in BLOG ?? Or it is actually written by another person ??

Just like many people, internet is my another playground (after our backyard Open-mouthed smile). I use google for many things, for work related stuff, to search cheap deal of computer hardware or just to find some crazy video. And every time I go to some personal blog or site, it always amazes me that why people like to like about them in 3rd person view ?? I mean come on, if it is my own blog then why the hack I will write about myself in 3rd person view ?? Unless I am just one of many poster of that blog and every author has their own bio written by some professional dude (which will be weird because … you blog because you want to write something not let others write for you, aren’t you ??) … I think it is totally OK to write bio in 3rd person view but when it is done by real 3rd person on his/her blog not yours.

I usually when find any blog, I try to find “About Me”. It is really entertaining to read those self posted 3re person bio. Some classic examples are, “S/He has XX years of experience in field of XYZ. And s/he is expert in XWYX technology.” Hell I have even seen some linkedIn profile like that !!

Anyways, I think me too can add something in 3rd person view,

The author has respect for all fellow bloggers and he has issue with people writing in 3rd person view. It is just he is thinking out loud which is sort of the reason why he has created this blog Open-mouthed smile … (so he can tell the hell he likes to say without worrying about anyone …)

It’s Just A Thought … Peace

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