Side effects of User Account Control (UAC) of Windows 7

When I used it for first time I thought that UAC was really annoying feature of Windows Vista. I mean for each and every app it was required me to confirm, if I wanted to perform some task which required access to core system. It was more like low level mimic of Linux. But after using Vista for about 2 years (yesssssss … I did used Vista that long, poor me Don't tell anyone smile) I was sort of used to of this feature. So when I upgraded to Windows 7 (tell me who didn’t upgraded from Vista to 7, except old XP users ??) I enabled UAC in it as well.

But I think I am going to fed up of this really dumb feature. Well, the feature itself is not bad its just it is not just at par with its counter part of Linux. And biggest annoyance is if you run some application and it failed to run due to UAC, Windows just don’t say it. Instead of this you will get all sort weird errors.

For example, my VMWare Workstation will give you this error



SQL Server Management Studio will give you this error,



On receiving those errors my first guess was something is screwed up with setup of this apps. But later on just for purpose of “investigation” I ran both of apps as an administrator they worked without any error !! I mean really ?? If you get this type of error how the hack you will ever know that it is just because you are using UAC ??

I think I will just disable UAC so that it don’t create this sort of confusion again.

It’s Just A Thought … Fingers crossed

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