As title is self explanatory … lets image you have some web application (that maintains an inventory of goods for example), and one day you need to change price of goods you have due to any reason (tax hike or change in commission or simple b’coz of price raise … I am a developer not business man, so I can’t think of all genuine reasons fingerscrossed) … and so now you need to change price of all those goods … how you will do that ?? well, it can be done by manually changing price of each item, and its easy if you have only few items (but if this number is even >100 you will soon find your self typing lots) … or you can create a script which updates price of all stuffs all together … second approach is more feasible if you have higher number of items in inventory. But again this will need manual intervention + expertise in SQL (assuming your backend is SQL Server ofcourse ) … but there is 3rd approach, as a developer I have already included an upload feature in the application which can be used in this circumstance to bulk update the table and all you need is a csv or text file !!!

About test application, I am using ASP.NET (.NET framework 4), IIS 7.5 (I am using Window 7), and ofcourse SQL Server 2008 dev. edition … I won’t be explaining whole thing but I will write about major parts. I have created sample database in sql server,

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