Well, not real as in some FBI agents trying to solve cases with unexplained phenomenal activity (or may be there are some ! who knows) …. well, for me X file case is like occurrence of some unexplained event and there is no clear explanation of what actually happened. That is exactly what happened yesterday !!!

I am not super enthusiast but I have a small fish bowl that has had only two fishes (originally there were 4 but now it just 2 left but that’s another story). As usual I take out fishes into another container while I clean up that bowl. Yesterday I did exactly same while cleaning up that bowl. As we all generally use tap water, we need to process it to make it OK for fishes so we need to add some chemical into it that removes chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful for fishes, this process requires some time (about 20-30 mins) so I left fishes into that container and added that chemical to bowl and left for dinner.

But when I came to put fishes back into the bowl, I found that one of the goldfish was missing !!!! I investigated “crime scene” but found no evidence that fish somehow jumped out of that container and fell off to ground, nor I found that someone intentionally thrown her out (yup, you have to consider everyone as a suspect at first) Pointing up !!

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