Task history for Windows Scheduled Tasks !!

Though user’s workstations are usually upgraded with time, but generally servers are not so lucky. I guess they are last in the row (if the ever consider to be upgrade worthy), so if you are somehow required to work on these systems then it certainly gives you feel of old age computing (at least its true for me). I think main reason for not upgrading system very by organizations, but common issues can be described as incompatibility with legacy systems, unsupported 3rd party or home grown applications … or sometimes management thinks that if its working then just don’t dare to touch it Smile 

Few days back I was assigned really interesting task. I was required to find history of specific task which was scheduled in windows scheduler to run at specific intervals and it was failing un-deterministically. Our production server was using Windows Server 2003. Now, I have worked with Windows 2003, but after using vista, 7 and lately Linux, when I logged in to server, it was feeling like really ancient system. So at first I had no clue where to look for task scheduler history. I knew that they have, but don’t know where windows is keeping it.

After some Googleing, I found that scheduled tasks are logged in a file called schedlgu.txt. I simply searched for this file in C: drive and found it. That search solved my problem, but then I got a bit curious about to find more easy way to access task history. And I found that task scheduler history in task scheduler from Windows 2003 (any OS from that era, like Windows XP) can be viewed directly from task scheduler by going into Scheduled Tasks –> Advanced –> View Log .. voila.

Anyways, it was kind of new adventure for me to work on such a system.

That’s it for now…

It’s Just A Thought … Fingers crossed

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