The wiser we get ….. an IT example ?

Few days back I changed password of one of my email accounts in Gmail and I got this notification in email. Now funny thing is this email is in same account of which I had changed password !! I can understand the good intensions (!!) of great G but consider a scenario where this account got hacked by someone and that person has setup new password and G is sending notification of password changed to same account to notify original owner that password has been changed !! And how will this help me ?

Of course, Great G has other means to notify as well. You will get notification at your recovery account (if you have not ignored G’s requests to setup one Open-mouthed smile or that hacker has not changed it before modifying password !!). G even can prevent access to account if connection request originates from totally different location then it’s usual geographical location (which can be easily fooled by proxy or vpn or things like that).



They say true that, as we are getting more smarter … we are becoming more stupid ? …. I think at least it’s true here Don't tell anyone smile

That’s it for lazy Sunday Open-mouthed smile … It’s Just A Thought …

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