What’s the point ?

Like many people, me too don’t like to install stuff in default C: drive. I think that sine C: drive is a system drive it should exclusively used for system files only. And all other programs should be installed in drive other than C:. But you will be surprised to find that there are many programs that simply won’t work well if you install them in drive other than C.

There are some other kind of programs which even if you select non-system drive .. it gets installed in both C and that other drive !! Mostly because they are bound to some sort of shared components or assemblies which can only be installed in C drive … or may be because who ever created those programs just wanted to have some common ground … I have no idea about actual reason.

Just like that I installed Light Switch few days back, and since I have installed VS 2010 in D drive it default to D drive… but even after that it still installed many of its files into C drive too !! Just look at screenshot of installation below …


So here comes the question which I don’t have any answer … what’s the point of installing program in more than one locations, besides obvious crap like security or common location for all other programs etc …

It’s just a thought … Peace

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