How does this sound ?? Geeky ?? If you are computer user and enthusiastic enough then you can run your website right from your home !!! This is what I’ve been doing from couple of months. And believe me, its not “that” difficult to do. Hell, even you can host your own wordpress blog like me like this too. Microsoft has lately release a tool called, Web Platform Installer a.k.a. WEB PI … As a pre-requisite all you need is IIS and SQL Server Express edition. (Actually WebPI does have SQL Express packaged with it) And if you have read my guide to install and setup IIS on your PC then its way too much easy to setup. All you need is to download that Web PI tool and then from “Web Applications” choose to install WordPress from Blogs. There are many more Web App available to download free. And the best thing is its very easy to install and configure any of these apps, even if you have never heard of them before (after installing using that app. is a whole different story though   😀 ).

Anyways, what I mean is YOU CAN DO IT … 😀 … but once you do, if you want to run your own site, you need to have two things with you a Static IP and a Domain Name … An IP address is like address of your Web Server or loosely say address of your Computer .. and  Domain

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