Disable Shutdown Event Tracker

I’ve been using Windows Servers provided by MSFT for free from past few years (not by downloading from Torrent sites by via DreamSpark program) ranging from 2003r2 to the latest one 2008r2. And almost all of them have one feature that really annoys me and that is “Shutdown Event Tracker”. I simply don’t understand that who would like to fill up why they want to restart. At first (when I was in school) I thought that may be sys admins do really enter details but when I begun working I found that it is rather annoying to them as well !! It is just beyond me that why would someone really want to use this feature !!

So this quick post is about how to disable this feature in Windows Server 2008 r2. But I think it applies same to other older versions (2008, 2003 r2) as well.

All you need is to run “gpedit.msc” using RUN. It will open up group policy editor window.



Then go to Administration Template –> System and find “Disable Shutdown Event Tracker” and select Disable from options.

And that’s it, next time when you shut down you will not see that annoying message !!

This is it for now..

It’s Just A Thought …Fingers crossed

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