Eureka moment with Firefox 4 beta 4 !!!

Archimedes would have said same thing today if he was sitting next to me Winking smile … Finally I got Firefox 4 beta working !!!

As I had posted few days earlier, I had been trying to make Firefox 4 beta working and every time I tried to install it, I always ended up with some really weird looking screen then regular one. I tried many different approaches, like clearing temp … cleaning registry … removing old folder … but none worked.  But today, I was in mood to fight till end. So, I uninstalled all plugins from my old Firefox 3.6 and then tried to install Firefox 4 beta … and with a little surprise the final result was something I was not expecting at all !!! I had all normal Firefox 4 screen as it was shown in screenshots at Mozilla Open-mouthed smile



My guess is, I was not getting it working only because one or some of my plugins were messing up with Firefox 4 … or they were not compatible with Firefox 4 beta (and some of my plugins are not working in this beta yet) …

Whatever it is … now it is working just fine Open-mouthed smile … so if you have same problem, my suggestion is just uninstall all plugins and then try to install Firefox 4 beta …

It’s Just a Thought … Fingers crossed

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