Freeze the time … and protect your system !!!

Well, it’s not title of new sci-fi movie where hero freezes time in order to save his computer from vicious villain Open-mouthed smile … it’s about a software called Time Freeze by Wondershare. If you have known already, there is a really good site called Giveaway Of the Day, which gives away a licensed software everyday for free !!! In past this site has given many free but really good software including Anti-viruses, Firewalls, Utility Software, designing software etc. And today they are giving away this really cool app. by Wondershare.


I am already using a sandboxing software called SandBoxie (free)… and Time Freeze is doing same. If you are like me and do lots of web surfing to unknown new site or say you love to “experiment” with your OS by installing new software / games etc. then this is the right thing for you. By creating virtualized system, it prevents any kind of harm that can be done because of viruses, software or even by yourself Winking smile


And following are the notes from Software Author Company,


Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 is easy and effective virtual system software. It creates a virtual environment for your system partition, on which you surf online, run applications and test game installations. All changes (computer history, new installations, infected virus) occur on the virtual system will disappear. So your real system is protected and Time Freeze 2your privacy is safe and can’t be peeped by others.

Succeeded the easiness and effectiveness of 1.0 version, Time Freeze 2.0 adds support to 64-bit OS, enhanced MBR protection, adds Physical Memory Buffer mode which speeds up virtual system performance at 60%. The improved GUI also brings you better using experience.

It takes 2 clicks to enable virtual system protection. And when you return to the real system, you have the flexibility to save or discard virtual system data. Use it together with antivirus software to safeguard your computer!

Key Features:

  • Easily test applications and game installations, eliminate computer history and protect your privacy.
  • Flexible switch between real system and virtual system. No need to reboot computer to enter virtual system.
  • Virtual system works like a twin of the real system and safeguards real system.
  • Enhanced MBR protection guarantees the normal startup of system.
  • Physical Memory Buffer mode speed up virtual system performance at 60%.
  • Folder protection prevents others to view or make change to your files.


That’s is for now…

It’s Just a Thought … Fingers crossed

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