WordPress itself has load of cool plugin collection. Users like us can also upload our plugin for others to use. Plugin really makes sometimes our life easy ( by adding more interactivity and attractiveness ?? i’ve doubt about last one :-p ).

But here is the way, how i do to add plugin to this self hosted blog.

  • First download any plugin you wish to use.
  • then extract that zip file and upload whole folder using your fav. ftp client (mine is Filizilla) to wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Go to “Plugins” in your administration panel and make your uploaded plugin active. (Note: if your plugin is not listed there, then you must have screwed up something in uploading :-P, in past i had to upload more then one time to make it appear there.)
  • And then go to “settings panel" of your blog and make changes to plugin that you want.

That’s It. That is how I have placed this sexy animated tag cloud in here.

Its just a thought