Installing Nano in pfSense

pfSesne being based on FreeBSD, it always had FreeBSD darling VI installed in it. So if you ever need to modify anything over SSH, you will end up using VI as editor. Now, if there is anything… I always have loved to learn new stuff but VI is on another level when it comes to file editor. Having dabled my feet in Linux, Nano is editor of my choice. Unfortunately it doesnt come as pre-installed and it can’t be installed as a package using GUI. However it has been avaiable as package since version 2.3.
So in order to install nano you will have to connect to pfSense over SSH. And run following commands,

pkg update
pkg install nano

This installs nano in pfSense.
Of course, if you ever need to edit file in pfSense and you are lazy like me… you can use Diagnostics –> Edit File option to edit file. This is way simpler and less confusing method to edit file if that your sole purpose.

That’s it for now

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