Intellisense in SQL Server 2008 r2 management studio

This quick post is about my recent experience with SSMS for SQL Server 2008 r2. Usually I use some other 3rd party tool for SQL Server Development because it is sort of more easier to use when we are developing (but that tool is not good at all when it comes to managing SQL Server).

If you are a developer like me who is required to work with application but mostly deals with database … and you happen to use SSMS for SQL Server 2008 R2 then you might already have noticed that you have … hmm.. sort of lost … intellisense in SSMS (or SQL Server Management Studio, a default tool for interaction with SQL Server) after installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 updated. This is really weird issue. I / We generally when release an update for our application we make sure that for any reasons our other applications that are using that one application doesn’t lose some functionality. And I don’t understand how come guys at such a professional company like MSFT don’t understand this common app release / testing process ??

As usual MSFT released quick fix for this issue as CU 7 for SQL Server 2008 r2 …  Or if you have not got chance to install it then no worries … newly released SQL Server 2008 r2 SP 1 has fixed this issue. So if you have installed SP1 then you might have noticed that it is working again !!

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