Joining the Band !!!

And yes … this is my very first post from my Android phone. In recent years these so called “smart phones” has really changed what we do online & on phone. Devices have become so powerful that once average PC was 😉 !!!

Actually I am really glad that this good folks (makers of wordpress ) have also made a great app for android which I am using ryt now to post this post … I hope that in future I won’t get this honor to post on my blog because I think one of the biggest dis-advantage of these smart phones is their keyboards. I really miss those big ,squezy keys who never feel bad if I sometimes press-hit hard ..

But I am using my phone instead of my machine because AVG Internet Security has literally caused BSOD on my Win 7 machine !!! I mean this is really heights of bad update for any software. Being old player in AV market I am really shocked … luckily I have dual booted my system with ol’ reliable linux so after this post I will dig more on net from that system or may be watch HULU and go to bed :-P…(

heyy, I have to keep track of missed episodes of my fav. series …
So I end here …

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