Ajax Control Toolkit and IE 9 Runtime Error

You guys may be thinking that what the hell is wrong with this guy. First he doesn’t write much and even if he write he always cries about errors he get while working on his things !!! Its always he , he and he … with error error and errors only … but fact is no matter how much I try to code well, I frequently get really really weird errors and being my log, I like to keep track of these errors in this blog.

Oki, so another error today. As you might know, I like to taste things before they release. Actually, I like that because it keeps me updated with new stuffs in technology of present time. So keeping that tradition alive, I had installed IE 9 Beta in my machine from few months now. Just today I was working / playing with my code as usual. actually it was an old program that I was rewriting to do some improvement in functionality. So, after making some changes I tried to run the program, but I got something like this as error Microsoft JScript runtime error: Invalid set operation on read-only property.

I tried to f9 the code and at one point it was showing some that it need some files from my AJAX Control toolkit (I was using many controls from AJAX Control toolkit). But I was not getting any idea what it is really missing. It was showing me error that we see when we are using component of AJAX Control Toolkit but not including Toolkit Script manager. But I have already included Toolkit Script manager into program, and that actually made me confused about error.

And then with some more experiments I come to conclusion that no matter what I do, but if I include COMBO BOX control from toolkit, it always gives me error like that if I run the program from IE 9 .. but when I ran using FF 3.XX it worked just fine !!!

By Googling, I found that there has been already bug / issue registered at CodePlex (home of AJAX Control Toolkit + other MSFT supported open source projects) and just like me there are number of people having same issue !! Also, I can see that it has been reported first by 16th Sep. and not yet resolved.


1) Runtime Error Screenshot

2) Issue Report Screenshot


This error cost me almost 2-3 hours of this beautiful weekend but I learned something that IE 9 is still not yet ready. And I should make firefox my default browser. smile_teeth

This is it for now.

It’s Just A Thought … fingerscrossed

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