Life without Internet !!!

During these Christmas holidays, I tried something new …  I tried to live without internet !!! Well, you may think what’s a big deal but guys believe me for a person like me who breath internet this is a “BIG” thing.

In 90’s Internet was considered as luxury to have. I still remember using it via highly charged long distance call of telephone line and the speed was killing (dare to say, 8-10 kbps smile_tongue) … but those days were good, you always get time to have tea before finishing up something to download in size of even few Mbs … but today more then necessity technology has become addiction to us (at least in my case).

Oki, back to story … so I tried to live without internet for couple of days during Christmas,  I must say i do not have regret for it. I mean sure it was fun playing Call Of Duty on WII equally playing it on laptop 😀 (Did I have mentioned about having collection of all CODs ?? who said you can’t play game once you become IT professional thumbs_down)

Well, if you might not be knowing … Internet itself is becoming good contributor to CO2 emissions geeks call it Carbon Footprint !!! Every webpage / website / even google search generates significant amount of CO2 gases and it has been steadily increasing in past few years which is not good thing at all … well, I think its the price we have to pay for having world at our fingertip. But if we keep ourself away from using internet just for a day in a week or atleast few hours in week , it can have huge impact. Well if you want to support the cause then you can get your site/blog “Green Certified” (personally i think, i don’t need someone’s certification … gee $10/month ,that’s killin price fingerscrossed that’s another reason too)

Anyways, overall I enjoyed being isolated from rest of word for a day (in manner of internet, my cell was ON :-D) and feeling to saving environment of earth was not bad too rainbow … you should try it sometimes.

Its Just a thought … fingerscrossed

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