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If you have been working around Microsoft domain then you probably have been using Visual Studio. A really great development environment for all Microsoft platforms like .NET, Windows, Mobile, Silverlight, SharePoint etc.. But some people like myself (in other words folks who always gets attracted to shiny things Smile) feels that just plain white background and same old fonts and colors make Visual Studio look kind of boring. And time to time, I have few times tried to change the environment settings and make it more attractive but it requires more time in setting things up the way we want.

But recently I stumbled upon a really cool website which actually has great user created collection of Visual Studio styles. It even lets you create you own and you can share them with other as well. At present it has about 572 Visual Studio styles (which makes me wonder how many people already don’t like default style of VS Eye rolling smile)…

Anyways, from this site you can download any or all style you like and then just start using it. To import newly downloaded style first copy that downloaded style to Documents –>Visual Studio 2010 –> Settings. Then in Visual Studio just go to Tools –> Import&Export Settings –>Import Selected Environment Settings –> Backup you current settings if you want (since these are just color settings it won’t actually change much ) –> Your style should be listed in this next screen (if you have copied this to settings folder) –> Click Finish. And you are all set !!!

For me it was like bringing Visual Studio back to life experience Open-mouthed smile … (ok, may be I little over reacting but you got the point right ?)

That’s it for now…

It’s Just A Thought …Fingers crossed 

and have a great weekend

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