Odd installation of SSDT BI on x64 bit system

Visual Studio 2008 full installation had always included Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) with it. But for whatever reasons MSFT decided to skip that part in VS 2010(may be because there was no major release SQL Server during that time) and it was missing for very long time till release of next major SQL Server release aka.. SQL Server 2012. Even at that point there was no BIDS or similar tool set available in VS 2010/12 till MSFT released SQL Server Data Tools BI Studio for VS 2012.

So after I got VS 2013 edition installed on my system I was trying to install SSDT BI for VS 2013 so I can play with it on my new VS. But to my surprise, when I started installation it failed on a step where it check for pre-requisites with error about having different architecture which is understandable since I am using x64 bit system. So I looked for 64bit installation for SSDT BI and found that there is no such installation !!




After bit of ducking (yes yes … I have stopped googling for while … for test, I am using Duck Duck Go as my alternate search engine) I found that there is no such installer as 64bit installer, all you have to do is to select “new instance” instead of “existing instance” and let it install it !! And that is it … once it is installed I fired up VS 2013 … and voila … I have BI project templates in VS 2013.

That’s it for now …

It’s Just A Thought … Peace

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