Weird Snipping tool error

I rely on great windows utility called Snipping tool both at work and at home to take screenshots of different things to write and keep things in records. And in past I have tried other screenshot replacement tools like Green Shot and Snag It but they are too much for my simple needs to take screenshot. So today when this tool stopped working in my home system, it was my top priority to fix it Open-mouthed smile


There were bunch of solutions explained over different forums including repairing office, killing another running snipping exe, reinstalling tablet pc component etc but none of them worked. One of the suggestion was to do system restore but that will not work for me either (because I have always felt lazy to keep by system backedup to the date Thinking smile).


Only solution that finally worked for me was found on this Microsoft forum, solution was pretty simple that what I expected. All I had to create simple registry entry and once that entry gets created logged off and then logged back in …. and amazing … it stared to work !!

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"RunAs"="Interactive User"

But I am still wondering, how the hack this tool just stopped working all of a sudden Surprised smile

That’s it for now …

It’s Just A Thought … Peace


Gaurang Sign

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