Overclocking my Radeon HD 6770

With my new rig I bought an average graphic card as well. I am not hardcore gamer at all but I do sometimes like to shoot some zombies or build my galactic empire Open-mouthed smile … so I bought this cheap but very nice graphic card from ATI Radeon 6770 HD from Sapphire. And I must say that I am really impressed with this little beast. Thought it is not top of the line card, so far it is able to let me play all latest games I throw at it.

After my successful attempt to OC my AMD Processor, my hands were sort of twitching to OC my GPU as well. Just like all ATI cards, mine was also using “ATI Catalyst” software for control and setting up advance graphic options. While just browsing these options I found that it has a rather interesting option, ability to overclock the GPU and it’s RAM !! I googled a little bit about OCing my graphic card model, but I didn’t found any helpful settings which I can use for my graphic card. So, I decided to do my own little trial and error thing.


Actually this “ATI Catalyst” utility is really easy to use, all I was required to do it to go to “Performance” –> “AMD Overdrive” menu. And then “Enable AMD Overdrive”. This options let me OC my graphic adapter. Next I had to choose my GPU clock setttings and Memory clock settings. Once I select them, all I was required to do is to click on “Test Custom Clocks” option and it will test settings I have defined. Weird thing is even though it passed test with all maxed settings (GPU to 960MHz and Memory to 1445MHz), when I applied them my machine went nuts and I had to hard boot my machine. Anyways, after few system hang-ups and hard boots I finally was able to find clock settings for both GPU and Memory that I can use without de-stabilizing my system Party smile.

Overclock OverClock_2


So my final settings are,

GPU @ 900 MHz

Memory @ 1300 MHz

I guess, may be I will try to tweak them more and see if I can go beyond this limit using actual “AMD Overdrive” utility which allows users to manually tweak system and hardware settings (since my system is all AMD, I can tweak everything with that utility which is another advantage over Intel).

That’s it for now…

It’s Just A Thought … Peace

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