Preventing Browsers from getting my Location !!

This quick post is about: How can we prevent browser (or here, search engines) from tracking our location.

Some people find it very useful to be able to do local search without any hassle. But I personally find it more intrusive that Google or MSN or any search engine knows my exact location and show me search result based on that location (I know there is nothing like free lunch Open-mouthed smile) … but honestly, if I want to search for plumber in my city then I would like to do it by adding more search parameters in my search on Google. I find it more easy and feel less intrusive. I know that there are many other ways these search engines / ad. agencies can track you, your location, your usage but still I would like to think that I can make it atleast difficult for them.

Recently I was reading somewhere (probably Life Hacker or Gizmodo, not sure ‘coz I read a LOT) and I found that there is cool extension exists for browser which actually can prevent these search engines to track you. It is called “Disconnect” , and it is developed by formal Google employee (what an irony Eye rolling smile) … It can basically give you ability to “disconnect” yourself from Google, Facebook, Twitter,Digg and Yahoo!. I took couple of screenshots for MSN and Google .. it was really interesting that they were not able to get my location !!! (see the proof below …)

GoogleSearch MSN


Actually there are many other ways the ad. agencies and search engines can track your usage. Latest additions in their arsenals are Flash Cookies and Beacons. But all hope is not lost for mankind Open-mouthed smile .. yet. They can be detected and blocked by tools. But will discuss about it some other time.

That’s it for now.

It’s Just A Thought … Fingers crossed

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