SQL Server 2011 CTP is here !!

Well, I wouldn’t believed it when I read it on few of my favorite sites like SSC and SQLBlogs … but it is actually here !! MSFT has released CTP for next version of SQL Server Code name “Denali”. From initial reading it looks like the next generation of SQL Server will have more enterprise features likely to concentrate more on large systems. As you know its CTP so it is still in process of changes and we will see many improvements before as final product.

I was actually trying to download the CTP copy, but it looks like server is getting hit hard. So I was getting timeout error at this very moment of writing blog. I hope that I will be able to grab it and make it work by this weekend.

If you want to try your luck you can download it from Official Site.

This was just a quick post about the news. If I will be able to get that CTP, I will try to play with it and sure post here @ it more.

That’s it for now..

It’s Just A Thought … fingerscrossed

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