Trip to The Smokies …. Day 0, Beginning of the Beginning

So, for this long weekend and few more days we are going to visit the great Smokey mountains (TN). Actually we are planning to stay there for about 3-4 days and I am sure that it is going to be very exciting. From what I’ve heard / read, it is some place where I wanted to go and live. Beautiful hills, dense forests, scenic trails, cool streams / falls of fresh spring water and feel of living all natural life is at best Smokey can offer. Actually the Great Smokey Mountain lies between North Carolina and Tennessee which is part of Appalachian Mountain Range. I am more excited to see native Indian culture(Cherokee Indian Reserve is an Indian Reserve). Also I felt that southern people speaks in little different tone (it is more sweet then northern states Winking smile) so I am sure that it will be really good experience.

Well, at present our designated route is something like this,

Day 1: Going to Vraj. It is Schuylkill Haven, PA. About 2-3 hrs. drive from my home and will be there by 11.30 pm. Main reason to go there is because it is the day where “Lord Krishna” born thousands of  years ago and it is one of the largely celebrated religious festival in Hindus.

Vraj Temple, PA

Day2: Will leave Vraj mostly by 12 pm and going to Charlotte, NC to one of my brother’s in-law. I think it will be good because the whole direct drive is about 10 hours which is not a good idea to drive with cranky kids.

Charlotte, NC


Day3: To the Smokies Party smile … our reservation is at Holiday Inn at Gatlinburg, TN

Base of Smokey - Gatlinburg


Day 4, 5, 6: Getting lost into wilderness of Smokey.

Great Smokey Mountains National Park


Day 7: Returning back, visiting Friend at Iron Station, NC

Iron Station, NC

Day 8, 9: Revisiting Charlotte, NC

Day 10: Back to Home

I am really excited for this trip and I hope it will be really great experience.

I am hoping to post everyday about trip of each day in details.

Its just a thought a Trip … Fingers crossed

Gaurang Sign

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