Trip to The Smokies …. Day 1 & 1/2 … Holding Faith a Little Longer

And, the trip has officially begun for me. We reached at our motel by 11:30 pm and we have to reach our temple exactly by 12:00 (as it is time when viewings will begin). Unfortunately we didn’t make it, we reached there by 12:30 and viewing was already closed. My mom felt that it is all because we (me and my brother) have not enough faith !!! Now, how I do I explain her that it was only because of traffic Wilted rose … But I guess, we can not change someone’s mind whose thoughts are based on faith not on facts.

Actually, today was really important day for us to visit temple. It was the day where Lord Krishna (who was 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu), and one of the most prayed god among Indians like my family. “Religion” is considered to be a quite sensitive topic to talk now a days. But for me religion has a bit different definition. I think, during early ages of civilization person’s life was so disorganized so some “wise” people created some sort of rules to live by life. But as a human nature, people don’t accept changes without any solid reason to those “wise” people gave them reasons in form of religion Sun … but like I said, its just my theory.

For Hindus, Krishna is an educator of theory of life. We call it Karma. He has taught us that anything we do is called Karma. And there is nothing like getting away from bad karma simply by apologizing. In Hindu philosophy, we have two collections of Karma, good one and bad one. And we get results in our life (or even afterlife) based on both. Hindu holy book “Gita” is based on teachings given by Krishna which is part of holy epic Mahabharata. I don’t consider myself much in to religious reading, but Gita is considered to be best reference by people who seeks understanding meaning of life by Indian scholars (and in many cases it has made me understood meaning of incidents in my life).

Sorry for getting little “off track” to the main topic. Well, as the celebration was two part (of which we missed first part), we went back to our motel and gone to bad late. Today we have to reach there by 9:30 am, which we were able to make Open-mouthed smile, I guess because of our Good karma ? Whatever the reason it is, I felt really great to be there. All the kirtans (type of song+music sung in front of Krishna) were kind of mesmerizing to my soul. It was as effective as doing meditation to me.

Anyways, long story short … everything went well. I had quite well conversation with my soul too Confused smile … and finally after having authentic indian lunch we moved ahead to our next destination, at Raleigh,NC. Considering long weekend, and fact that we need to pass two biggest tourist places of USA, Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA + Baltimore, VA this 450 miles journey gonna be more than 8 hrs. of expected GPS time Open-mouthed smile … But after having good meditation in the morning, I am feeling like I can drive longer than that …( but I don’t want to test it ).

So finally we are off to go …

It’s Just a thought a trip… Fingers crossed

Gaurang Sign

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